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Lan Nguyen, MD

Lan Nguyen, MD

Pain Medicine
Lan Nguyen MD is a board-certified family medicine physician and certified in pain management. Dr. Nguyen practices at College Park Family Care Specialty Center In Overland Park, Ks. Dr. Nguyen has experience in family medicine with specialized expertise in pain management As an associate director with Family Practice Residency programs, she has expertise regarding the critical need to focus on pain management, particularly for patients with chronic pain.

Dr. Nguyen transitioned her practice to focus only on pain management since November 2001. She based her care on the comprehensive pain management model and works in partnership with the patient toward a realistic expectation for their pain situation. Dr. Nguyen utilizes medications, interventions, behavior and adjuvant therapies; conventional and non-conventional options to achieve these goals. She believes in the use of opioids in appropriate settings with judicious use in chronic pain management.

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