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Lisa Lowe, NP

Lisa Lowe, NP

Nurse Practitioner
Lisa Lowe, MSN, FNP is a board-certified nurse practitioner with Midwest Heart and Vascular Specialists in Overland Park, Kan.  She is affiliated with  affiliated with Menorah Medical Center. Lisa offers nearly 20 years of caring for heart patients, and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She is highly skilled at cardiac care from initial testing to diagnosis, treatment, patient education and recovery, and has treated patients with a range of heart conditions. She partners closely with the practice physicians to coordinate and deliver a personalized plan of care for each patient.  Lisa is a member of the American Nurse Association and the American College of Cardiology. 


Cardiac (Heart) Angiography

Cardiac (Heart) Catheterization

Cardiac (Heart) Catheterization - Angioplasty Stenting

Cardiac (Heart) Echocardiography

Cardiac (Heart) Nuclear Stress Testing

Cardiovascular Diseases


ECG (Echocardiography - Echocardiogram)

Echo Stress Test


EKG (Electrocardiogram)

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Transesophageal Echocardiography