HCA Midwest Physicians
November 09, 2017

Few initiatives exemplify the HCA Midwest Health commitment to the care and improvement of human life than the Hope Family Care Center (HFCC), a Kansas City-based inner-city family medicine clinic. Borne of an idea as a medical ministry by the physicians at College Park Family Care, HFCC came to fruition in 2009 through the collective efforts of the practice, Research Medical Center and HCA Midwest. Medical Director, Tom Kettler, MD, offered insights into how HFCC impacts the community.

What drew you to the inner city?

We chose to practice at 31st and Prospect due to the great need in this area, and the fact that it has a distinct lack of local medical resources and care. Approximately one-third of our patients do not have medical insurance. Many of these patients work more than one job and are unable to afford health insurance and provide adequately for their families.

How many patients does HFCC treat?

This year we will have more than 4,500 patient visits, with a goal to increase that number to more than 6,000.

How is HFCC staffed?

We have a group of volunteer doctors and staff, and a few full-time employees, including providers.

What is the long-term vision for HFCC?

Our long-term vision is to contribute to a grassroots movement in this community to increase the stability and reach of the clinic so all residents have a primary care provider.