HCA Midwest Physicians
November 06, 2013

Dr Kirk Barnett

With their recent Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certification from the National Committee offers a new and exciting health care model to patients.  Along with their physician or nurse practitioner, patients assist in creating a personalized care plan with Grandview Health Care Clinic as their primary care “home.”

NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition underscores the importance of engaging patients in development of comprehensive health care plans that address their individual needs, with a major focus on preventive care. Research has confirmed that availability of patient-centered medical homes can lead to higher quality health care and lower costs and can improve the experiences of patients and their medical providers while addressing challenges in the nation’s current system of medical delivery.

As a PCMH, Grandview Health Care Clinic medical office specialists oversee scheduling and documentation, provide health care information, make appropriate referrals to additional medical providers and coordinate testing and procedures. Nurses or medical assistants and care coordinators also work closely with patients who may receive resources and support tools, and have access to their healthcare practice teams 24/7.

A member of the Grandview Health Care Clinic staff, D. Kirk Barnett, MD, completed his residency at Kansas City General Hospital/Truman Medical Centers after he obtained his internal medicine medical degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

“This new healthcare model enhances communication and cooperation between patients and their care teams while assuring optimal individualized medical treatment,” says Dr. Barnett. “Collaborative medicine – in which patients and their medical providers work together to create personalized health care plans – represents the best opportunity for care that addresses individual needs.

“PCMH benefits everyone who participates in the process but, most of all, our patients.”

Grandview Health Care Clinic is part of Midwest Physicians, a network of experienced, multi-specialty physicians located throughout the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Physicians from Grandview Health Care Clinic also care for patients at Belton Regional Medical Center — part of HCA Midwest Health System, Kansas City’s largest healthcare provider and private sector employer.  Midwest Physicians is also part of HCA Midwest Health System.

“We are delighted to offer this medical model to our patients at Grandview Health Care Clinic,” says Loren Meyer, MD, President, Midwest Physicians. “PCMH Recognition assures that our staff works seamlessly together – and with their patients – to provide the very best medical care for each and

“Grandview Health Care Clinic PCMH Recognition is another terrific example of the many ways in which HCA professionals continuously strive to offer the most innovative and individualized medical care available,” says Todd Krass, Chief Executive Officer, Belton Regional Medical Center. “Our patients, staff and community all benefit from implementation of this new health care model.”

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