About Quivira Internal Medicine

Quivira Internal Medicine is part of the HCA Midwest Physicians network in Kansas City. The offices of Quivira Internal Medicine are located on the east side of Quivira Road, near Overland Park Regional Medical Center. With over 30 years at this location, our experienced physicians and staff are here to serve our community. We take same day appointments and can accommodate new patients.

Quivira Internal Medicine is located in the Johnson County area and is made up of board certified physicians and advanced practice providers. In addition to our in–house laboratory, Quivira Internal Medicine has the ability to administer and interpret the following capabilities on-site:

  • Aorta and Bladder Scanning
  • Bone Densities (DEXA)
  • Diabetic Education
  • Full X-rays
  • Glucose Testing
  • Spirometry- (PFT )

Quivira Internal Medicine focuses on full comprehensive physical examinations and dedicates itself to staying on the cutting edge of medical technology and therapeutics. Therapeutic areas include diabetes, hyperlipidemia (cholesterol), hypertension, osteoporosis and infectious disease.

GME Resident Continuity Clinic

Quivira Internal Medicine is proud to serve as a teaching facility for new physicians in our Internal Medicine residency program, who work hand-in-hand with our attending physicians to provide excellent care and the attention you deserve.

What is a Resident Physician?

Resident physicians are licensed physicians who have already graduated from medical school and like all other physicians, are qualified to care for our patients. During residency, these physicians are mentored by tenured physicians who provide supervised training and guidance for the clinical development in their chosen specialty.

Benefits of Being Seen by a Resident Physician

If you are cared for by one of our resident physicians, he or she will complete a thorough evaluation and develop a treatment plan with you based upon your medical needs. The tenured physician will carefully review the assessment and plan with the resident physician, providing supervision and guidance at every visit, collaborating with your resident in all aspects of your care.

Schedule with a Resident Physician

  • Michael Ahrens, MD – Resident
  • Andre Apostolatos, MD – Resident
  • Jesse Bashor, DO – Resident
  • Michael Berry, DO – Resident
  • Val Begilman, MD – Resident
  • Benedict Franco, MD – Resident
  • Patricia Laramore, DO – Resident
  • MarcArthur Limpiado, MD – Resident
  • Manoj Khamuani, MD – Resident
  • Rebecca Kurian, MD – Resident
  • Joshua Pak, DO – Resident
  • Philip Petrosky, DO – Resident
  • Aaron Sadowsky, MD – Resident
  • Angad Singh, MD – Resident
  • Simerun Singh, MD – Resident
  • Shruti Verma, MD – Resident

Hospital Stay — Continuity of Care

As always, our goal is to keep you healthy, but if you do need to be hospitalized, a member of the Quivira Internal Medicine physician team will care for you at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. This continuity of care will ensure that you receive the best care possible by a team you trust, whether in the office or the hospital.

Quivira Internal Medicine is part of the HCA Midwest Physicians network in Kansas City. We are affiliated with Overland Park Regional Medical Center as well as the hospitals of HCA Midwest Health.

Please call (913) 541-3340 to schedule an appointment, or click on a physician to book online. For cancelations, please provide a 24-hour notice.