About The Urogynecology Center

From urinary, fecal and stress incontinence to chronic pelvic pain, The Urogynecology Center offers many in-office and outpatient treatment options.

Our mission at The Urogynecology Center is to provide the highest level of care possible for women with incontinence, pelvic pain and/or pelvic organ prolapse. We work closely with women to discuss all available options — both surgical and non-surgical — in a personalized, shared decision-making process with each patient to determine the best therapy.

Our team has considerable experience with minimally invasive surgeries to improve care for women. This technique minimizes pain for the patient, reduces time spent in the hospital, allows for fewer complications and decreases the risk of wound infections. Our goal with each patient is to help them recover as quickly as possible so they can enjoy a good quality of life.

Specialized Services

Urogynecology procedures:

  • Sling/TVT sling, rectocele and cystocele repair, vaginal vault suspension, augmented repairs, sacral nerve stimulation, anal sphincter repair, bladder/rectal fistula repair

Office procedures:

  • Bladder Botox® injections, cystoscopy, periutethral bulking agents, urodynamics, pelvic floor rehabilitation, trigger point injections

Problems we treat:

  • Sexual dysfunction therapy, incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, defecation disorders, recurrent urinary tract infections and bladder infections, painful bladder syndrome, fecal incontinence