Personalized, natural childbirth care from experienced certified nurse midwives who respect and empower you throughout every step of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is one of life’s most special times. And every expectant mom has her own individual wishes and preferences for her baby’s birth. The midwives of HCA Midwest Health understand that and are committed to helping women have the pregnancy and birth experience they desire.

We offer women a natural, low-intervention and home- or birthing center-like experience with the safety and security of board-certified ObGyns and a hospital support staff ready to step in if necessary.

All of our certified nurse midwives (CNM) are experienced caregivers who offer a special brand of personalized care for expectant moms – hands-on and empathetic prenatal care, encouraging labor and delivery support and postpartum help with breastfeeding and other new mom needs. Our midwives also care for women at other times in life with birth control counseling, family planning, well-woman care and management of menopause symptoms.

HCA Midwest Health midwives see patients in offices conveniently located throughout the metro area – Shawnee, Kan. to Lee’s Summit, Mo. and Overland Park, Kan. to Kansas City, Mo.  So wherever you live in the metro area, you can find an experienced midwife in your community.

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Partners in care

Each of our midwives views her role as an unceasing advocate for her patients, committed to respecting and empowering their healthcare choices, while also working to provide a safe and secure experience.

  • Our midwives consult closely with our team of board-certified Obs and gynecologists, sharing a goal of best-practice oriented care and fast access to specialized expertise should it be necessary.
  • They are able to draw on the resources of trained doulas for support during labor and delivery.
  • They connect new moms with certified lactation consultants to help with breastfeeding.
  • Our midwives and the labor and delivery teams at Overland Park Regional Medical Center and Research Medical Center work seamless together to provide the best possible experience for mom and baby.

Why an HCA Midwest Health midwife?

For women who prefer a natural, more home-like birth experience or a birthing center setting, a midwife is your optimum childbirth partner. Our midwives frequently work with women who have had cesarean sections in the past and want to have a vaginal birth.

Midwives are known for a unique, more personalized style of care, with a holistic view of a woman’s health, her lifestyle and all of the other factors that play into an overall sense of wellness. Our midwives work to build relationships with their patients and value the trust and communication that those relationships foster and their positive impact on health. 

Births that are attended by midwives reportedly have lower rates of cesarean section and episiotomies.  Each certified nurse midwife at HCA Midwest Health is trained to recognize any medical situation that requires more specialized care, and they deliver in hospitals, which gives them immediate access to specialists in case of complications or issues during labor. This allows our patients to have the home-like experience they desire, but with an added level of safety and security.  

Midwifery expertise in Kansas City

HCA Midwest Health was the first hospital system in the region to offer midwifery services more than 20 years ago, and we have the area’s largest network of midwives. Our midwives are advance practice registered nurse, masters-trained and/or board-certified through the American Midwifery Certification Board. They offer expertise in:


From the moment you conceive until your child is born, our CNMs offer excellent care, with individualized education for you and your family, as well as emotional support and medical care throughout pregnancy.

  • Complete prenatal care – helping you create the birth plan you desire and working toward that throughout your pregnancy
  • Labor and delivery – a low-intervention and supportive experience in a safe, hospital setting, and the ability to administer medication should you want it
  • Post-partum care – helping you bond with your baby during those first few euphoric and hectic days and access to breastfeeding resources
  • Ongoing support for new moms, partners and families

Personalized care beyond childbirth

Our midwives establish relationships with women that extend beyond childbirth, and provide services for all stages of life.

  • Well-woman and breast exams and ongoing routine gynecological care
  • Family planning and contraception counseling including IUD insertion
  • Health screenings and minor in-office procedures
  • Medication prescribing
  • Help with menopause symptom relief

What is a midwife?

A midwife offers women care during pregnancy, childbirth and after the birth of a baby. While many deliver babies at home, some midwives may also deliver babies in a birthing center or hospital. They are trained to help expectant women in routine (not high risk) pregnancies. Many midwives also offer general women’s gynecologic and well care.

Common conditions treated

  • Preconception counseling and care
  • Routine pregnancy – prenatal care, labor & delivery, post-partum care
  • Routine gynecologic issues such as infections, menstrual problems

Common procedures

  • Low intervention births
  • Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC)
  • Well-woman and breast exams
  • 3D ultrasound  
  • Routine health screenings
  • STD testing/education
  • Ongoing gynecologic care
  • Birth control options including IUD insertions
  • Management of menopause symptoms

Midwife services across the metro area

HCA Midwest Health Certified Nurse Midwives offer patient care in three hospitals throughout the Kansas City area.

Lee’s Summit Medical Center
Overland Park Regional Medical Center
Research Medical Center