Tips Picking a Doctor

Do you need to find a physician? Here are some tips to help you choose a doctor:

  1. Try to find an office that fits your travel needs. Maybe a doctor that is close to work is more convenient for you than close to home or in another city. Check the office’s hours to be sure you can make appointments.
  2. Look at the credentials and backgrounds when choosing a physician: clinical training, experience, board certification and specialized interests should align with the healthcare you’re looking for. You may also decide that the gender and age of the physician are important to you. Are languages other than English required for communication? This is the stage to narrow down your search results.
  3. If you have special healthcare needs, you may decide that an internist or pediatrician will make the best primary care physician (PCP). Your PCP can make referrals to other specialists for you. Some family physicians or general practitioners also specialize in specific areas – see if you can find one in your area of need.
  4. If you have a hospital preference, your physician should be familiar with your hospital of choice and be able to work with them when planning your treatment. Make sure the hospital is in-network to receive the highest level of benefits.
  5. Don't forget to ask your doctor if he or she accepts your health insurance. View our accepted insurance plans

Additional Tips

  • What your doctor needs to hear so you get the best possible care (via